Monday, October 5, 2009

dreams do come true.....

Last week I actually attended the Martha Stewart show! Yes that’s right, little old me got to see the queen of crafts herself. :)  It was just as I imagined…. Perfect.

Before you actually enter the set, everyone gathers in two holding rooms where they prep you for the show. (No gum chewing, bags and purses must be tucked neatly under your chair, everything in its place) Joey the enthusiastic audience warm up guy does a quick rundown of the shows topics, guests and audience cues, well encouraging loud and jubilant cheering.

Then we get to go to the studio. Bright lights, loud music, and pastels as far as the eye can see. An impeccable set.

The set is broken into 5 different areas. When you first walk in there is a seating room with a few chairs, a table full of books, and a hutch. The floor is adorned with a beautiful rug. Next the stage opens up into the large kitchen, with white porcelain dished neatly stacked on display and of course the best of the best appliances and kitchen utensils everywhere. Behind closed glass doors was the test kitchen, where there were several people all wearing salmon cardigans scurrying around tasting and sampling dishes. The other two rooms included the craft room and the potting shed. Both staged with every tool imaginable, but of course everything was tucked neatly into its proper place.

There were crew members running around making sure everything is just right before Martha came out. As I was seated (lucky enough to be on the floor extremely close to the action) I caught a glimpse of Martha in the test kitchen. I couldn’t believe it, it was really her!!! Then Joey gave us the signal to stand and Martha came out. She was wearing a salmon colored button up blouse and kaki capris. The audience clapped and cheered loudly and the show began. Although the show is not live, Martha prefers to tape as though it is live, no breaks (besides commercials). So the taping went fairly fast, the first segment was shrimp, asparagus, and an apricot ice cream dessert all from her upcoming book, Dinner at Home. (yummy) Next we learned how to make cute clothes from old baggy sweats with guest Carmen Webber, a contestant on season 4 of Bravo's Project Runway, author of Chic sweats. Then Martha talked with the author of Net Lingo, the texting dictionary for all those parents out there who don’t know what their kids are saying. To end the show Martha gave us some quick tips on ironing and broom maintenance.

It was an awesome experience!!! To be right there in the action was amazing. I only hope I can go back!

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  1. I'm so jealous! I'll have to go back to NYC and get to see a taping. Looking forward to seeing you on tv!