Monday, March 1, 2010

Desperate for Spring...

Obviously, I have not posted about the bird/owl pillow I was making because sadly my owls have gone missing. I suppose it would have been easy enough to just make them over, but I kept thinking that they would be under the pillow, couch, pile of clothes, shoes, etc...So instead of redoing them I slowly cleaned my apartment looking for the ones I had already made. Alas, I have no idea where they went and despite my best efforts they remain ellusive. Perhaps, like me, that have become tired of snow, ice, and dirty slush and flew the coop. How I wish I could follow them! In the meantime, I bought some cut flowers at the grocery store so you can look at these arrangements while I go back and start my owls over again.

Do you love these old milk bottles as much as I do? I found them at an antique shop in Davenport, IA (Antiques on Brady). They have tons of bottles, but these are the ones that I've picked up so far. Also, I found this old metal bottle crate in the alley by my apartment last summer and now it finally has a purpose. Yay!

Are you as ready for Spring as I am?

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