Monday, April 5, 2010

Everything is better when it's personalized...

When my sister was getting married she asked me to be her Maid of Honor and so I felt that anything I did had be absolutely be more original than anyone else. So much pressure! I knew that I wanted to personalize a wood serving bowl for Anne & Chuck by burning a recipe on the rim of it and so my quest began to find a wood serving bowl with a wide enough edge and a recipe small enough to fit.

I ended up finding the bowl at Crate & Barrel and found a salad & dressing recipe that would fit. I bought a wood burner and used the pointed tip to produce clear lettering and practiced on a scrap piece of wood before beginning on the bowl. Overall, it was a fairly easy craft and I think it's lovely.

I also made some paper flowers, these are a few of them.

 The 'c' in the word cranberry was the first letter I wrote and is a little wobbly.

Another close up.

I learned how to make these Kusadama flowers here.

For the flowers I used a world map since Chuck is a trained pilot and specifically I used the area around Italy since that is where Anne would like to go.

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