Monday, August 17, 2009

Craft Social

Julie and I went to the Craft Social in Evanston this past Friday and it was amazing in all ways. The food was delicious - I ate something that was part smore and part brownie, which means it was like heaven in my mouth. I was super excited about the felt & button flowers and Julie was hoping to make something amazing at the Ink Blot t-shirt table. Turns out the ink blot project was a no-go for this social so while we waited for the felt & button flower leader to navigate through traffic we made some pretty adorable collage owls. Behold!:
After the owl making we returned to the felt & button flower table and it had already started, oops! So once we figured out what we were supposed to be doing we set out to make our flowers. The options provided were to make a felt flower and attach it to a floral stem or to make it into a pin. I was all geared up to making it into a pin, but then decided to save it and make it into a headband (although our leader, Emily, told me that it is perhaps going out of style - say it isn't so!). I haven't attached mine just yet, but I'm looking forward to wearing it. Here's my flower that I lovingly stitched together:

I'm a fan of the double button center.

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