Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A glimpse into my apartment

My camera broke a while ago so I've been more or less pictureless for the past year or so. If it wasn't for photo-taking friends there would be no documentation of my senior year in college. Sad face.
Over time I've become accustomed to not having a camera, but just last weekend my boyfriend (Frank) forgot his camera here. Shame for him, but yay! for me. So I decided to take a couple pictures of my apartment's living room. It was the only room that was truly clean so that's why it's all you see - although there is a glimpse into the kitchen.

I live with my friend, Joey, and together we painted the kitchen a deep midnight blue with white trimming (it's an old apartment with all the amazing vintage details). Then a couple of months ago while he was away visiting his family I painted the living room and yellow/orange color called...I think...Mango Tango. I was regretting it after I initially painted it, but once it dried it darkened up and now I love it.

All of the wood furniture in the living room was handmade by Joey. His parents own a bunch of farms with an excess of old barn wood, so before we moved into the apartment he just decided he's make us some furniture and now we have some really amazing pieces.
Joey and I also like to dumpster dive in the alleys nearby and here is one of our favorite finds (left). 3 perfectly good windows that were left for garbage pick up! Now we have them hung above the couch (pillows from etsy shop Ellen's Designs).

So that's just a mini-tour within a remarkably long post.

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