Monday, August 31, 2009

warm and cozy purse

In anticipation of fall fast approaching (sooner than expected in the Chicago land area) I started sorting through all of my sweaters. There is this one particular cardigan that unfortunately I have become a little to plump to wear anymore, yet I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. (What can I say I’m a sucker for toggle buttons) Just recently I decided it was time to do something about it…. instead of giving it away I choose to rethink it. Inspired by an article I read in Country Living Magazine. I decided to make it into a purse. This way I don’t have to completely give it up.

The execution was pretty easy. I just cut off the arms and sewed the body like you would a pillow, obviously leaving one side open. If you make the bottom of the sweater the top of the purse, you don’t even need to hem it! I added a wide pink ribbon under the buttons, for a little added detail. I lined the purse with some micro-suede left over from another project for added structure. The sleeves became the straps. All and all the process was pretty cheap and easy. I did screw one thing up though. I ended up putting the straps on last which was a mistake; it would have made more sense to put the straps on before I lined the purse so the connections was between the liner and the outside. But this is an easy mistake to go back and fix, so I am not too disappointed. It made for a great afternoon project.

More ideas…..It would also have made a great pillow or wonderful addition to an activity blanket for toddlers learning how to zipper, button, snap, and tie. (Just think of the many fun little images that could be hiding under the buttons for your toddler to discover) I am for sure all of you could think of tons of ideas as well. So don’t throw away those sweaters, start crafting!

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