Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bachelorette Party favors

This has been a long time coming. The wedding happened a couple weekends ago and it was amazing. Two really great friends of mine got married and the day was absolutely beautiful. However, before all that greatness could occur, I had to throw the bride a bachelorette party. I've already discussed the decorations with you (beaded garland and tissue paper pom-poms) so here are the favors that I made with Julie's help and the help of a couple of our coworkers.

(Not exactly risque, but still awesome.)

These are all felt magnets that I made. Many people have made cupcakes and cupcake magnets before with this design. In fact, a quick search on etsy provides me with blackcatmima and shopmamapapaya and flashyfish. I'm not trying to promote them, although why not - love thy fellow crafters, but I'm just trying to get it out of the way that those cupcakes aren't some design that I maliciously stole. If you've made ones just like it, awesome, and if you haven't, you should because they're cute and fun.

For the 1 cupcake:
Cut out 2 bases in brown, yellow, or white felt at your desired size in the shape of like a squared off bowl
Cut out 2 cupcake tops in a color of your choice at a size that is wider than the base. Scallop the bottom portion.
*It is important that the bases match each other and even more important that the tops match because when it's time to sew them together, it becomes a hassle. I suggest you make a template and use it.
Sew beads onto 1 top piece for sprinkles and 1 red button as a cherry (although, I have never had a cherry on a cupcake).
Sew the beaded top onto one of the bases.
Sew the other top onto the other base, make sure that they mirror what you have just sewn so they match up.
Sew the two pieces together, leaving room to fill with polyfill and to insert a magnet.

The cake piece was a lot harder and I really can't say that I have mastered a perfect way to sew this. That wasn't the best cake piece magnet, but the bride took the best one and I didn't photograph it beforehand. This one takes patience and maybe you can tell me a better way to go about sewing this.

For the cake piece:
Cut out 2 rectangles at your desired size to make the prominent side and magnet side of the piece. Sew one end together and leave the other 3 sides alone.
Cut out another rectangle that's the same height as the other two pieces, but thinner to make the end of the cake piece (where all the frosting would be in real life). Sew together with the other piece so that you have a triangle.
Cut out a triangle base to cover the bottom of the triangle and sew it on.
Measure the triangle for the top part of frosting and make it large enough that you can scallop the edges and have it overhang the sides.
Sew beads onto the top piece
Sew along the scallops around the top of the cake piece - leaving enough room to fill and insert a magnet, or 2.
*It's the top part that causes me trouble. Maybe I could sew the top triangle and scallops on separately. Hmm...*
Also, if you want you can add a strip of colored felt for the fruit/filling layer or bead the cake piece so that it looks like a funfetti cake. So many options!

Happy handsewing!

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