Monday, September 14, 2009

Meghan and I went to the Renegade Craft fair this weekend with some of our girlfriends. It was so much fun; we encountered so many creative and talented people. I left feeling inspired, itching to start my next project. The crafts ranged from homemade soaps and baby clothes to hand carved art pieces. If you were looking for it, it was there. Even if you weren’t looking for it, you found it! Unfortunately both of us forgot our cameras so I don’t have pictures to share, but I did pick up the cards of some of my favorite crafters, so check out their websites and see what you think……

Also see if you are lucky enough to have the renegade craft fair visit you….

{this is Meghan now}
I loved that entire craft fair, Julie is absolutely right when she said there were a lot of baby clothes, because they were everywhere. I'm not one to be baby-crazy, but I was wishing for a pregnant friend as I wandered around. Our goal is that next year we will have our own booth there. I was trying to be good about not buying a lot of things, but I did break down and buy a pendant from The Weekend Store (link above).
It's a key from an old typewriter. I've been a big fan of these since I first saw then about a year ago, but I've never bought one until just this past weekend. I happily chose the shift lock pendant and $18 later I am now wearing it. There's something wonderful about immediate gratification. 

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