Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One object, endless possibilities…..

Object: Starbucks store bought Frappuccino bottle

Like many of you out there I am addicted to Caffeine. At this point I am pretty sure that I can’t function without it. One of my favorite treats is the Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino that you can purchase at the grocery store. This particular drink comes in a nice thick glass bottles with a tin lid. I love the fact that they bare a slight resemblance to vintage milk bottles. (Country charm) Recently I have collected some of the bottles and decided to recycle/reinvent them. It is always fun to think outside the box……

First, I removed the labels and underlying residue (hot soapy water works well). Using a little bit of rubbing alcohol I removed the use by date. And of course I washed out any leftover coffee.

Then came the creative thinking….

A couple of the ideas didn’t require any modification to the bottles at all. Just remove the lid and they make a wonderful vase for wildflowers. The bottles are also a great storage solution for office/ art supplies.

They make fantastic gift containers for bath salts or candy. Add your own fun homemade label for a personal touch. You can even tie on a spoon on the side.
I also explored using etching paint to create designs on the bottles. I bought a very reasonably priced frosting kit at my local craft store, using painters tape I created a stencil for my pattern and I was off….. The results: fun and whimsical bottles. I should mention that I had trouble getting crisp lines around the edges and 2 coats of the frosting pain wasn't quite enough. Live and learn....

Other ideas to try…. Candle holder, sugar storage (etching the word sugar on the front would be super cute), lighting bug holder (with holes in the lid of course), display a sea shell collection with a layer of sand on the bottom of the jar. Use them to serve fun summer drinks in. Mix and match different heights for small collections on a table or window sill. If you are lucky enough to have a vintage milk crate, you could line the bottles up and add flowers to some, creating a fun country centerpiece. The possibilities are endless!!!

And don’t forget the lid…. Although it isn’t bad as is, you can always cover it in fabric, paint it, or just add a sticker to the top for a little added detail.

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