Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Longer than I thought...

This elephant plush/pillow is taking forever! I've got the square sewed together and the nose on, but when I went to put the ears on I realized that I had made them too small. So, I have to redo them. Almost done though, so close!

Here's something pretty to look at while you wait:

This is a table that my very good friend and roommate, Joey Henrichs, made. The top is made from old barn siding that's been stained dark and the legs are old barn remnants that have been planed down, painted white, and distressed. He is an amazing furniture maker. Love love love.

Also, a friend got a gift from Anthropologie yesterday and look at the lovely bow the store put on the box for her:

This looks fairly easy to duplicate. Those are about  1 1/2" felt circles with two small cuts in the center with the ribbon threaded through. I love cute packaging. I think I'll be using this for my Christmas gifts this year.


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