Monday, February 15, 2010

fuzzy felt friends....

I made these little guys about 6 months ago with the intention to put them on baby onesies, but then I realized if my husband found baby clothes, he might have a heart attack. And since I am not sure if his life insurance policy is up to date, I would rather not risk it. :) So they have been sitting in my sewing box for months. I have decided to share them with you guys and with a little magic (Photoshop) I was able to put them on onesies without my husband discovering a baby-r-us receipt.

The monkey (or dog depending on what you see) and the lady bug are made from simple shapes cut out of felt and sewn together using embroidery floss. My only worry would be washing them. I don’t know how the felt would hold up in a washing machine. Although this project could be easily duplicated using cotton instead of felt. I would also love to see Meg’s snail on baby onesies. Hmmm…. I am thinking there could be an opportunity here.... We will see. ~Julie

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