Thursday, March 18, 2010

Owls taking shape...

I've had the owls finished up over the weekend, but I never posted them. Here we go...

First I finished sewing on the wings on and face of the small owl. At first I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with a bright orange beak (because I am partial to bright orange), but I'm very happy now that I decided to go a neutral color instead. I think he looks very darling.

From there I started on the second owl. I used a dark grey fabric with a lighter grey casual flannelwear fabric for the wings. It's very lightly striped with purple. These eyes were a little trickier to sew since the pupils were larger and you could easily tell if it wasn't a circle. It while while sewing this owl on and sewing the eyes that I sewed it to my pants. Hahahahahaha, oops.

 Staring contest.

I finished the owls! Great success. I think my favorite part of the owls are their eyes, the thick white fabric that I used already had a tendency to fray to I used that to my advantage and purposely frayed the edges of the eyes more. It was easy as running my nail a few times over the edge of the fabric.

Now I just need to finish sewing the straps and back on so that it's a complete pillow and not a bunch of small pieces. I also need to go find some great buttons for this (I will be using a button closure for this).
For now, I hope you are all enjoying some crafts and the great weather - it's a beautiful 60 degrees here in Chicago.

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  1. That would be really cute on a canvas totebag. For example, you could make me one for my sewing bag! JK, sorta.