Monday, March 22, 2010

a vintage birthday...

Lately everywhere I look in the blog world I have seen those little vintage inspired pendent banners. So I thought it was about time I made something incorporating this fun little touch. Scott’s Grandma’s birthday was coming up giving me the perfect opportunity to add a vintage touch to her birthday card. Since she is a fellow crafter I knew she would appreciate it. So here is what I came up with….

The front of the card is the pendent banner. I thought about adding more to the background with colored circles or something to that effect, but in the end I stuck with the simplicity of the muted toned banner. My favorite part being the touch of red in the string!

For the back I found a vintage photograph (I believe it is Shirley Temple) of children blowing out candles and printed it on an off white linen paper; giving it the perfect aged look. Then I wanted to bring in the red touches again so I sewed a border around the picture. Last I pulled in some of the colors form the banner by adding a personal message, and of course I used a vintage typewrite font!
I must admit well making this card I asked myself multiple times how would Meg add a vintage touch to this and that is where I got the idea for adding red string and sewing a border around the picture- Thanks Meg you are my inspiration :)  All in all I am pretty happy with the results. Enjoy ~ Julie

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